About us

Commission for Informational Reliability and Misinformation Combat in the Digital Environment (CIDAD)


CIDAD is an outreach program of the Federal University of Santa Catarina Libraries System (BU/UFSC) and University of the State of Santa Catarina (UDESC) that promotes actions and studies about ethical and epistemological foundations for the production, dissemination and access to reliable information.

CIDAD started as a library working committee in 2018 and since 2020 it became an outreach program.

Among the explored topics are fake news, post-truth, information literacy, media literacy, disinformation, logic, philosophy of information, semiotics, reflective thinking and critical reading.

Field of work:

  • means of verifying information sources;
  • strategies to combat misinformation and disinformation;
  • ethical practices for sharing and creating information;
  • ways of improving reading, especially in the digital environment.


To plan, execute and institutionalize research, actions and services on informational reliability and misinformation combat, in the form of:

  • Conducting research, lectures and training;
  • Producing teaching materials, papers, articles, e-books;
  • Organizing exhibitions, live streamings and meetings;
  • Developing outreach actions for the community;
  • Expanding the services of the UFSC Libraries System.

Summary of activities done so far: 

CIDAD reached out more than 400 people through face-to-face activities among students, librarians, educators and other professionals and citizens – and over 2.000 views online pandemic activities. Besides, we have already published almost 700 pages of written material.

Currently, our team consists of a group of librarians, university professors and journalism professionals that research and teach in Information Science, Philosophy, Communication and Education areas:

Msc. Leonardo Ripoll (Coordinator/Doctoral student/Librarian)
Dr. José Claudio Morelli Matos (Researcher/Professor)
Dr. Suely Ribeiro Figueiredo (Researcher/Professor)
Dr. Marcos Antonio Alves (Researcher/Professor)
Luis Carlos Ferrari (Journalist)

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